Medical Office
   The address of the medical office is 12 Makenzy King St, on the first floor of the building, which is located in the outmost central point of downtown into Thessaloniki.
   It has been decorated by the well-known decorator Alexandros Skodras.
   The decoration style is modern, comfortable, simple, and workable. The decorator with the assistance of the dentist created a very friendly wait-room, where the patients feel comfortable and relaxed (music, TV).
   The office provides high-tech security (in and out video cameras) and healthy clean indoor places (lead covers walls for x-ray protection). The digital and x-ray equipments are regularly checked by radiologist, to certify the high quality of maintenance.
     The last 8 years Dr. Zerzelidou works with the application of laser in dentistry. She has participated in post graduate seminars in European Universitys (Aachen, Milan, Rome) on the field of laser and aesthetic dentistry. She gives lectures in meetings on the subject of the application laser in dentistry (therapeutic and aesthetic dentistry). In her own practice the laser is getting use more and more for dental treatment, with excellent results and happy patients.
Marina Zerzelidou was born in Kilkis, in 1961, where she received primary and high school education. She studied in the dental school of the Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki. In 1985, she graduated, with mark "B".
   From 1985-1992, she was in Munich of Germany for a fellowship in oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry.
In 1993 she returned back to Greece and opened her own private practice.
Marina Zerzelidou is member of E.A.A.O. (Hellenic Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry), she is also member of European Society of Laser Users (ESOLA).
She is participating in congresses in Greece and abroad.
Laser in Dentistry
One new technology, in the hands of appropriate educated dentist, gives the possibility to the patience to contact with the dentistry of 21st century.
   In my own practice the laser is getting use more and more for dental treatment, with excellent results and happy patients.
Republish of the interview of dentist from magazine "Dream Wedding"
Do you smile often? If yes, than you are the happiest person in the planet. Otherwise, you need one visit at esthetic dentist, which will change for ever your life attitude.
The "Dream Wedding" stopped at the medical center of dental surgeon Mrs. Marina Zerzelidou and she told us about the last achievements at esthetic dentistry, and how to make our smile brighter at most important day in our life, day of our wedding. Let's not forget that there people who avoid to smile because they think when they smile pass a negative messages around them. So they slowly convert in a surly people or in a people with tight smile.
What is esthetic dentistry?
The esthetic dentistry, wider branch of dentistry, interfere with different correctional restoration-techniques which are not orthognathic type (that means that are not used forces for the teeth shifting) preparative to correct permanently and painless, those imperfections who make us to feel, that our smile does not emit, our feelings.
In which problems you can offer solutions?
First of all it must be note that the purpose of the aesthetic intervention solve not the problem but its aim is to improve the esthetic, to ''relax'' our smile, to make it brighter, interfering essential in to our psychology. Many times we smile from happiness and when we are looking our selves to the mirror, our image is not as happy as our soul wanted. That means that maybe our teeth are healthy but something bother us. In that case the dental esthetic must interfere as firstly has restored the oral hygiene, to correct a scanty teeth, or anodontia (when a tooth miss from a place where should be normally) a succession (when the teeth are crowded one above the other) wrong teeth inclination (incorrectly teeth) and dishromic teeth (teeth which are congenital or in progress of time from abusage, they have lost their white color).
For sure a significant assumption to get, a dental esthetic, in a patience mouth is that the oral cavity, must be healthy and generally the denture. Primary concern is that the soft cells of mouth as the tongue, lips, gill and naturally teeth hygiene.
What means: "our teeth are healthy"?
We mean teeth which are not with caries, healthy, denture without chasms and healthy periodontium (gum). Essentially we must have healthy oral cavity, healthy gum and teeth to move farther in the next step which is the pretty teeth.
Is it painful?
Today the esthetic dentistry does miracles and everything is very simple and painless. Usually all finished in one or two sessions, according certainly, always with the intensity and the range of the problem, but also from the time of any individual. It is worthy of note, that the restitutions become with material of last generation, are very easy and painless, without, most of the time the use of dental engine and anaesthesia.
When a future couple must visit the aesthetical dentist?
Intended to a future couple, an esthetical dentist should advice them, as they care about all the other details of marriage few months earlier, to visit in time before marriage a dentist and in expansion an esthetical dentist.
Therefore 4 to 5 months before marriage should become the first visit to the esthetical dentist, who will propose us one corrective shape, for the esthetical restoration or eventually a corrective restoration which will be preceded.
Which is the most frequent request of the patience who visits today an esthetical dentist?
Certainly, whiteness is the most common request of all patience of esthetical dentist.
So the "doctor, how can I do my teethes more white?" is today the most common request. In one or more visits, this naturally depend from the size of the problem, the dishromic teeth become again white and bright.
In the market, circulate different products which promise us white teeth. The result is the same after a visit in a dentist office?
The answer is NO. At that moment they circulate in the market many products, even uncontrollable through internet. It is not exaggeration if we say that some people visit with fear their dentist, after usage whitener creams and products, having endured serious damages.
We should know that when we have to deal with a part of our organism as our teeth are, must be very careful. All must be done under the care and custody and instructions of specialist. The dentists who will exam us, he will propose to us the proportional whiteness shape, the treatment after whiteness and many other details. But all these must be judged from the dentist. So could somebody do the mistake to use these products because it seems to him simpler or cheaper but in the end he will understand that the cheap is most expensive?
Photo Gallery
Replacement of the old fillings with fillings more effective, more biocompatible, and, certainly, more aesthetic.
Bridge defect restoration without removing it from
the oral cavity in one session.
Aesthetic restoration.
Gap closure which annoying the patient.
Restoration of incisors in one session.
Prosthetic rehabilitation in order to achieve the condition
like there was before.
Whitening and aesthetic restoration of the teeth.
Whitening with με Laser.
Bicycle's accident of a child, and restoration
in one session.
Extended prosthetic restoration using aesthetic technique.
Gap closure.
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